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Life Among the Savages

Shirley Jackson

If you, like me, have only read Jackson’s works of horror and mystery, Life Among the Savages, you are in for a treat. In this lightly fictionalized memoir of six years of raising her family, Jackson uses her storycrafting craft to depict the chaos of home life with droll self-deprecation and an outsider’s eye on the quirks of small town life in New England. Resolutely from the 1950s, this feels utterly contemporary. Charming.

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Penguin (2015), 242 pages
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In a hilariously charming domestic memoir, America’s celebrated master of terror turns to a different kind of fright: raising children. In her celebrated fiction, Shirley Jackson explored the darkness lurking beneath the surface of small-town America. But in Life Among the Savages, she takes on the lighter side of small-town life. In this witty and warm memoir of her family’s life in rural Vermont, she delightfully exposes a domestic side in cheerful contrast to her quietly terrifying fiction. With a novelist’s gift for character, an unfailing maternal instinct, and her signature humor, Jackson turns everyday family experiences into brilliant adventures. (Publisher’s Description)

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