Cover of The Body Artist

The Body Artist

A Novel

Don DeLillo

n artist living in a lonely rented house discovers a mysterious man with inexplicable knowledge of her own life. This novella is at once a sort of ghost story, an exploration of grief and solitude, and a surprising dive into the mysterious depths of the artistic process. DeLillo’s impeccable sentences helped to pull me through the arid, sunwashed mountains, and Laurie Anderson’s mesmerising, low-affext voice making it all the more surreal. This was one of the only audiobook recommendations I received before heading out on the trail (thanks Andy!), and it worked its magic on me.

What this book is like (for me): sitting in the noonday desert sun listening to someone insisting that it is midnight on a moonless night, and believing them because they are that good at telling a story.

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Scribner Book Company (2002), 140 pages
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From the award-winning, bestselling author of “White Noise” and “Underworld” comes a spare, seductive, novel about marriage, loneliness, and the nature of creativity. Widow Lauren Hardke encounters a strange man possessed of knowledge of her life, and accompanies him on an extraordinary exploration of time, love, and human perception. (Publisher’s Description)

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