Cover of Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand

Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand

Samuel R. Delany

When I began this text I confess to being caught off-guard. It was my first Delany. I’d read about him before but never took the plunge. Some of this was disorienting and shocking, but I stuck with it and fell so hard for it. Hat Creek Rim is one of the hottest, hardest parts of the trail. This blew my mind and rekindled my interest in speculative fiction. A truly wild ride.

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Wesleyan University Press (2004), 377 pages
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The story of a truly galactic civilization with over 6,000 inhabited worlds. Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand is a science fiction masterpiece, an essay on the inexplicability of sexual attractiveness, and an examination of interstellar politics among far-flung worlds. First published in 1984, the novel’s central issues—technology, globalization, gender, sexuality, and multiculturalism—have only become more pressing with the passage of time. The novel’s topic is information itself: What are the repercussions, once it has been made public, that two individuals have been found to be each other’s perfect erotic object out to “point nine-nine-nine and several nines percent more”? What will it do to the individuals involved, to the city they inhabit, to their geosector, to their entire world society, especially when one is an illiterate worker, the sole survivor of a world destroyed by “cultural fugue,” and the other is—you! (Publisher’s Description)

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