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Tiny Fox and Great Boar Book Three


Berenika Kolomycka

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Oni Press (2023), 64 pages
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Tiny Fox and Great Boar bravely face new challenges in volume three of this charming comic for early readers by award-winning Polish cartoonist Berenika Kolomycka. Tiny Fox and Great Boar have spent much of their time together playing, exploring, and adventuring. From beautiful forests all the way to the enchanting seaside, they have had such joyous times! When they set their sights on the marshy wetlands, they meet a young mayfly and become quick friends. But when their time with the mayfly is unexpectedly cut short, Fox and Boar experience true sadness. This sadness feels too much for Fox to bear, but luckily he has Boar by his side to teach him how to be brave and remain hopeful for the adventures that lie ahead. (Publisher’s Description)

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