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From the bulging file of things I was wrong about: I once was convinced that the cover design for the New York Review Classics books is boring and somewhat crude. It may be a response conditioned by encountering so much joy inside those covers in the meantime, but whenever I see one of these treasures faced out, I shake my head at my old self. What perfect harmony between image The cover of this new Rumi translation seemed quite honestly seemed to glow as it drew me across the library to pull it off the shelf. The startling, electric words I found within cemented the enchantment. Here are verses brimming with the particular clarity of intoxication, perfectly contemporaneous while 800 years old, and not at all how I remembered the experience of reading Rumi. In Persian-American poet and singer Haleh Liza Gafori’s brilliant translation, these lyrical selections awaken and lodge themselves in my consciousness. This book is an absolute gem. “Meet us in the land of insight / Camped under ecstasy’s flag”.

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New York Review of Books (2022), 113 pages
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A vibrant selection of poems by the great Persian mystic with groundbreaking translations by an American poet of Persian descent. Rumi’s poems were meant to induce a sense of ecstatic illumination and liberation in his audience, bringing its members to a condition of serenity, compassion, and oneness with the divine. They remain masterpieces of world literature to which readers in many languages continually return for inspiration and succor, as wellas aesthetic delight. This new translation by Haleh Liza Gafori preserves the intelligence and the drama of the poems, which are as full of individual character as they are of visionary wisdom. Marilyn Hacker praises Gafori’s new translations of Rumi as “the work of someone who is at once an acute and enamored reader of the original Farsi text, a dedicated miner of context and backstory, and, best of all, a marvelous poet in English.” (Publisher’s Description)

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